Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Work featured on VCU website

Well, after a long hiatus from the world of blogging, I've decided to dip my toe back into it. And what better way to do that then by reporting some pretty spiffy news!

The Communication Arts Dept at VCU (where I'm currently a student) updated their website and have included one of my pieces in a collage of student, faculty, and guest speakers' work. There's some real heavyweights here, and it's quite something for me to see my work amongst them.

You can see the page here: www.vcu.edu/arts/communicationarts/dept

Here's the actual image:

It's an insert for a demo cd for my friend's old band (I did the cover as well). As you can see I included the track listing along with the logo for my old website. (I guess I'll have to get that up again now!)
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