Saturday, December 13, 2008

My last homework assignment

I was up pretty late the other night trying to get this done in time for my final, and as I was working on the sign I realized, "This is it, my last homework assignment before I graduate. The end really is near!" Actually, it still could use a little work, but its already been turned in and graded.

The illustration was inspired by an article on how global warming is causing hops and barley crops to suffer, which could lead to beer shortages in the future.

This is my other last bit of homework, done for an article about potentially developing and growing algae (pond scum) that can be used as an efficient source of bio-fuel. Again, it could use a little more tweeking, like making the pond a more distinct green from everything else, but overall I really liked the concept of using inanimate objects to sell the gag rather than relying on people. My thanks to my professor for nudging me in that direction!
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