Tuesday, November 18, 2014

CD Cover Illustration For Greathall Productions

Here's an illustration I did for the cover of the latest Greathall Productions storytelling cd, George Washington: First in the Hearts of His Countrymen, told by award-winning storyteller Jim Weiss

The project posed a bit of a challenge in that I needed to be able to replicate the style of art they normally use for their covers, in less than a week, and using only traditional media (i.e. non-digital). 
I made the switch to digital coloring long ago (I still prefer to ink traditionally) and all my paints, brushes and related supplies are currently in storage, and probably not in the best of shape. 

I did a quick digital sketch and sent it to them, and while waiting to hear back I borrowed some really nice watercolors from my good friend and fellow Urban Sketcher, Jessie Chapman. After that came a very frantic day of painting, during which I sorely missed my beloved Photoshop. Thankfully, I had some water-soluble colored pencils to help me out.

In the end, I got the job done and my clients were very happy with the final piece. The original is now framed and hanging on their wall along with all the other covers they've had done over the years. 

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