Thursday, August 20, 2015

21 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 1

I just started the 21 Day Drawing Challenge by Von Glitschka, from I doubt I'll be posting these every day, but I'm really excited so far and couldn't wait to share my first piece. Our first challenge was to draw a cat. My solution was to come up with an image that conveys my own fondness of cats and of what great companions they are (contrary to popular misconceptions!). I also took the opportunity to experiment a bit more with my approach to digital coloring, which I found very rewarding. Somewhere along the way, I got inspired by the old animated intro to My Three Sons, which helped me to go for a more elongated composition. I think it helps to convey the relationship between the cat and his owner more from the cat's perspective, which is fitting since "cat" was the prompt for the day's challenge. 
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