Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harrisonburg Illustrated

My latest cartoon map illustration in this month's issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors features Harrisonburg, Va.

I actually attended JMU out in Harrisonburg for one whole week while I was desperately awaiting confirmation of my acceptance to VCU's School of the Arts (my first school of choice). The crazy part was that I had applied to JMU quite late, so when I arrived I had to run around and beg professors to let me into their already booked-classes so I wouldn't get stuck taking things like Bolshevik Romance Poetry of the Industrial Revolution 101 or An Introduction to Rudimentary Basket-Weaving Techniques of Pre-Colonial Java. All of them were kind enough to squeeze me in, only to have me turn around and drop out once I got admitted to VCU. (Man! I am such a JERK!)

Stay tuned...more work is on the way!
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